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I see depressed people

I see depressed people
By Jim Makos • Issue #3 • View online
Hello filarakia,
I bought a new domain name today! Not a big surprise since I am in the web publishing business. But it will be the first website I’ll build in the healthcare industry. It targets depressed people. You can read more about this idea in this article I wrote.
Moving onto financial matters, Q1 earnings are down 66% year-over-year in the USA, the lowest quarterly earnings for the S&P 500 since Q1 2009, and Q2 is expected to get uglier. Yet, the stock markets have almost recovered from March’s lows! It’s crazy for sure. Markets always take us by surprise. Who would expect a V-shaped recovery? Not me. But maybe we’re not done yet. Or we are. At this point, I don’t know. Anything is possible.
They say money is moving from the bond to the stock market, as bond yields have almost gone down to zero. So, no gains there, investors take their money from bonds and buy stocks to continue making money. Hence the two-month bull market. But aren’t we still in a pandemic? In a global health crisis? Aren’t businesses still closed? Companies are reporting huge losses and they get enormous bailouts as predicted. Helicopter money makes unemployment numbers irrelevant. The question is for how long. Surely, this situation can’t continue. Will stock markets crash again come August/September (second COVID-19 wave?), or was it a short-lived correction in the longest ever bull run?
Believe it or not, some people are actually getting richer in lockdown. I’m not surprised and neither should you. Stay productive and become wealthier. Simple as that. But at these uncertain times, it’s not recommended to boast of your profits. So, here’s the best way to hide your wealth. That’s how robbers get caught anyway when they go on a spending spree. If you are making a killing at these uncertain times, keep a very low profile.
Finally, I haven’t filmed a video for two weeks now. I didn’t write much this week either. Not much content creation took place, not even on my social networks. The reason? Dark thoughts. Overthinking of what’s the point of building a personal brand, of sharing my thoughts to the world. From an entrepreneurial point, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t make a cent out of all this. But now that I’ve written these very words, this letter to you, I feel creative. I feel better. Maybe I’ll become a writer myself for my newly launched website, after all! If you too are wondering what’s our purpose in life, you are not alone! Millions are asking the same question on Google every month. I’m after them! 😛
Yia hara!

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On Buying a New Domain Name to build a Healthcare Website
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Fakely looking at last week's SpaceX rocket launch. 🚀
Fakely looking at last week's SpaceX rocket launch. 🚀
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Apple is the perfect example of this practice. Apple did not invent the tablet; Apple did not invent streaming music to your phone. Even Steve Jobs admitted in the documentary “Triumph of the Nerds” that Apple “has always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” Apple has never really invented anything; they have simply improved what already exists.
From Stripe Atlas: A Bad Idea for Online Businesses by Andrew HendersonReadwise reminded me of this highlight I saved when I read that piece.
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Jim Makos
'The Last Dance' is hands-down a superb documentary. It definitely peaks at Ep. 7-9.

But aren't you tired of watching what other people achieved or how they live their life?

Get off your ass and go do something that they will make a documentary of.

At least, try

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