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Improving Google Rankings

Improving Google Rankings
By Jim Makos • Issue #7 • View online
Yia sas friends,
Long time, no letter, huh?
It’s been two months since you last heard from me. At least, in your inbox. You may have heard me on social networks if you happen to follow me there.
In all honesty, I haven’t shared a ton of stuff lately. Summer isn’t my favorite season of the year, and I find myself disconnected from the world more often than usual. I spent four weeks on a Greek island with the family, and during the first week, I didn’t even check what was happening online. I didn’t even want to get my cameras with me on that trip! Go figure.
As our vacation was coming to an end, I picked up my cameras more often, capturing a few digital print moments.
Then we returned to our base and spent three more weeks with my daughter while the wife returned to work. So, twenty more days of inactivity. Well, not entirely. I’ve been inactive as “Jim Makos.” I was pretty active as a CEO of my web publishing business, and I was A LOT active as a dad.
So, fast forward to today, and this week I became a paid customer of Ahrefs after a trial week (#notaffiliated #notanad #notsponsored). Ahrefs is a web tool that helps you in improving your website’s ranking on search engines. Like Google. I buy domains; I build websites on them, rank them on Google, people visit them, I sell advertising space, or do affiliate marketing. That’s my line of work in one sentence.
So this tool helps in the “ranking” part.
For years I used to do keyword research using free tools like Google’s own keyword tool. I knew there were limitations, and there was probably a reason that marketers were spending money on paid tools. And once again, I am here to tell you that you get what you pay for (unless you are scammed).
I first heard of Ahrefs tool when I used to write poker articles, almost ten years ago! I had met a marketer (hello Antonis!) that was using this tool before recommending topics to me. Then I slowly quit the gambling world and any for-hire jobs what was coming my way. As a result, I lost touch with most of my partners but continued to follow Antonis.
Anyway, some of my websites had experienced a plateau in traffic. I thought that no matter how many new articles we published, there wasn’t going to be an improvement. Also, my blog had lost considerable traffic. Yet, that was expected as I wasn’t updating it that often, if at all!
So, I took a shot with this tool, and this week has been a revelation. For the last ten days, I’ve spent more than 10 hours every day optimizing old posts and hiring freelancers for writing articles.
Did you know that you don’t need to publish new posts every day or week? Instead, older, forgotten posts may prove a better deal, especially when there’s room for SEO (search engine optimization) improvement. And there was A LOT, despite me thinking that I was doing a pretty good job in optimizing the pages.
For example, this is an old post in my blog that I restructured, and I now expect to rank much higher on Google. Time will tell, but boy, do I have high hopes.
Alternatively, I could have hired an SEO expert like Antonis. To tell you the truth, that has been my plan as a CEO for quite some time. But before hiring someone, I always want to do their job myself. I’ll then know what to look for. So, I thought of buying a proper keyword tool. And I had to choose between Ahrefs and Semrush. I went for the former because of Antonis and their educational content on their blog and Youtube channel.
The tab? $229/month.
If that doesn’t tell you the power of content creation, I don’t know what will.
Of course, if I didn’t already have websites driving a lot of traffic (and generating a lot of revenue), I wouldn’t afford such a tool. But like in any other business, as you progress, you face new challenges, you meet new competition, and you are called to solve new problems.
That’s why I call myself a problem solver in my personal blog’s homepage.
That’s what I’ve been doing all this time you were checking your inbox, lusting for another letter of mine. :P Nothing exciting, just a plain, boring family and business life. But aren’t we all feel we live this kind of life, thinking that others are living THE life?
Don’t fret over it. Life’s beautiful, as long as you focus on yourself
Yia hara,
PS: Huge thanks to those of you, who encouraged me to keep sending these letters!

This week I snapped this:
This marina is usually packed with boats. Not in September, though!
This marina is usually packed with boats. Not in September, though!
Last month I read this:
This is what we should expect to see: 1) people sell assets to pay bills, 2) price of assets goes down, 3) value of dollar goes up since there is high demand for it, 4) government prints money to try and prop up asset prices since those assets are being sold for cash, 5) this happens yet again as people are forced to sell, 6) government print more to offset the selling pressure… repeat repeat repeat.
Last week I tweeted this:
Jim Makos
Everyone can point out such a pullback but can everyone trade this setup profitably?

a) Set your stop loss
b) Calculate how much you can afford to lose by dividing your trading capital by 100
c) Combine (a) and (b) to find how many Bitcoins you can buy or short

D: I'm long #BTC
Last month I filmed this:
Repurposing Content: How to Get Your Content to More People
Repurposing Content: How to Get Your Content to More People
Traveling to a Greek Island in 2020 | Skyros, Sporades
Traveling to a Greek Island in 2020 | Skyros, Sporades
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