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Jimmy Mee like Gary Vee

Jimmy Mee like Gary Vee
By Jim Makos • Issue #6 • View online
Hello filarakia,
This week I started a podcast, shot the a-roll for three (3) upcoming videos, and thought about my content strategy, Gary Vee-style.
So, first, the podcast. Well, in fact, the first and only episode of my podcast. As a non-native English speaker and generally not a presentable guy, I’m not expecting much success for my podcast. In fact, it might be a big, time-consuming mistake. On the other hand, I’m attracted to anything creative and love creating new stuff online. I even enjoyed creating a simple thumbnail for the podcast.
My original plan was to extract audio from my videos and repurpose it as podcast episodes. But then I thought that the quality will improve tenfold if I record the whole script as a voiceover. It won’t take me more than 10 minutes, but the audience will certainly appreciate the sound improvement. Thus, my plan is to first write the script as I always do for my YouTube videos, film the episode, and then record the podcast.
Following that plan, I have now shot the a-roll part of my next three episodes. The soon-to-be-published episode is about repurposing content. Ιn other words, how you can create several pieces of content to share on different platforms online based on one original, full-length content.
The other two are going to be long episodes. One is about how I export videos for YouTube and what I believe to be the ideal settings for Davinci Resolve. The other is a comparison between advantage gambling and entrepreneurship. I go through the pros and cons of running a company and a web business compared to betting on sports and playing cards. I believe I should create more content around those topics, but I’m often carried away by the process of creating content. After all, gambling has always been my niche.
By the way, “a-roll” means the video’s part where I’m talking to the camera. The rest is called “b-roll”, and I either use previously shot footage or film new scenes to show during the voiceover.
Finally, in an attempt to optimize my content strategy AND incorporate it in my everyday life, I’ve ended up watching a few videos online, some of which by Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary Vee. I’ve known Gary’s work for quite a few years, since most YouTubers I follow have worked for him in the past, have some kind of relationship, or mention him occasionally. While he’s moving way too fast for my kind of style, I find his advice quite actionable and relatable. Given his success in running a company and marketing, it should be a mistake not to listen to his tactics in my opinion if you are looking to build a following online, or more importantly, promote your business, services or product.
One piece of advice I heard lately is to create as much content as possible. Since everyone is creating content, competing for attention has skyrocketed. The solution is to post a lot more content. I vividly remember him saying during a speech: “Today I tripped. I hurt my ankle. Post”. That goes hand in hand with another piece of advice that has taken the internet by storm: “Document, don’t create.”
I remember back in 2006 when I took a picture of my then-girlfriend and shared it with my friends somewhere online (can’t remember where). One friend of mine then replied: “Hey Jim, you forgot to post when you went to the bathroom.” Perhaps if I should have done that since then, I’d be speaking to conferences like Gary (although as an introvert, I don’t see myself as a public speaker in this life)!
Another note I took during one of his speeches is that social media advertising and especially influencer marketing are underpriced. That obviously relates to businesses, which should be looking to leverage their advertising. This kind of advertising is currently where Google AdWords used to be back in 2000. Eventually, it should pick up, and opportunities will dry up, but for the most part, advertising on these platforms should be a top priority.
Simultaneously, I recall reading that due to the coronavirus pandemic, advertising spending on social platforms have hugely been reduced as key players and big companies have cut their advertising budget. That makes advertising way cheaper for newcomers and anyone who’s looking to buy attention on social media.
As a “content creator” and a “web business owner,” I found this trend quite interesting. On the one hand, businesses will be looking for creators (aka influencers) to promote their services or products, making me more willing to continue building my personal brand by creating more content. On the other hand, I could buy advertising to drive traffic to my websites for a lot cheaper. Thing is my aim is purely organic traffic, meaning I focus on ranking high on search engines instead of marketing on social media.
Yet, the more we know, the better.
Yia hara,

This week I wrote this:
Starting a Podcast and How to Save Time Creating Episodes
This week I read this:
Before you embed someone’s Instagram post on your website, you may need to ask the poster for a separate license to the images in the post. If you don’t, you could be subject to a copyright lawsuit.
This week I tweeted this:
Jim Makos
Many people watch Netflix every night.

Never once did someone set a goal in life to binge-watch Netflix, yet so many are doing it.

Instead hard but meaningful goals are put aside.

- So, what did you do in your life grandpa?
- I watched Netflix series. All seasons of them.
This week I filmed this:
Why Start a Podcast and How to Save Time Creating Episodes
Why Start a Podcast and How to Save Time Creating Episodes
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