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My Website's Most Valuable Starting Points

My Website's Most Valuable Starting Points
By Jim Makos • Issue #5 • View online
Yia sas filarakia,
Rewriting parts of my personal website. That’s how I’m spending most of my creativity these days.
I began writing for my website back in 2005. Over the years, it transformed from a bragging website about how I’m doing financially, to a blog and to a resume page. Since I picked the current layout many years ago, it serves as an introduction to new friends, both online and in real life.
I quite like the design. No matter how many times I thought of changing things up, even moving from WordPress to Ghost most recently, I always end up deciding that my time is better spent on writing and creating content than redesigning my website over and over again.
It’s a piece of advice I often give to friends that start their business or personal website and spend too much time on its design: content is king.
Having said that, I had neglected writing intros for the website’s main topics. I call them “super pages” and they are used as landing pages, where the creator shares his/her resources on the topic in question, along with their latest related topics. The most common kind of that page is the one titled “Start Here”, which I’m sure you’ve come across in many, many websites.
Although I had included such a page on my website, several key topics were missing. Not any more. Feel free to check these out:
  1. Web Development
  2. Content Creation
  3. Entrepreneurship
I have rewritten parts and added resources to these:
  1. Filmmaking
  2. Photography
And other pages have stayed about the same:
  1. Advantage Gambling
  2. Sports Trading
  3. Investing (pending major change)
  4. Poker
I have yet to write a super page about Personal Finance, a topic that I became interested in the last few years. It’s high in my To-Do list.
All these pages can be found on my website’s homepage. So, everyone who’s hearing about me for the first time, these pages will act as starting points to get to know me better. If you are building a personal brand, I highly suggest you do something similar to your website. Depending on your expertise, you should have a couple of super pages introducing your visitors to your line of work.
If you happen to visit my website and come across any mistake I made, hit “reply” here and let me know! I’ll appreciate that.
Yia hara,

This week I snapped this:
Happy Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day!
This week I read that:
This is an example of David Perell’s strategy of building your audience on open platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) before transferring them to owned platforms (email lists, personal websites, podcasts). You do not own your audience on open platforms. If YouTube shuts down, you lose access to all your subscribers if you do not have an email list for them.
This week I tweeted that:
Jim Makos
"People will travel less to major tourist cities and will instead choose to visit less well-known destinations."

The world is shifting. Adapt.
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Jim Makos

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