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Riding the COVID-19 waves

Riding the COVID-19 waves
By Jim Makos • Issue #4 • View online
Yia sas filarakia,
Getting prepared for COVID’s second wave?
I’ve met people who truly don’t expect another outbreak, even though we are still in a pandemic. And then, some people believe a brutal winter is coming.
I am a man of numbers. I try putting estimates on everything and start from there. When I ran into this friend who believes the outbreak is behind us, I told him that in my opinion, a much worse outbreak has a 60% chance of happening, a milder one 30%, and no outbreak 10%. That was before Beijing shut down this week. These figures change in my mind according to how things play out. And honestly, I mostly mentioned a 10% of not living through another outbreak because he seemed too worried! I think it’s closer to zero.
That fear of an incoming second wave pushed financial markets 7% in a single day a few days ago, and they are fighting to resume trending upwards ever since. There is all kind of stories in the stock market nowadays, mostly about bankrupt companies that are gaining 800% after a 90% fall; Hertz is one of them. At the same time, people complain about why airlines offer rescheduling tickets instead of refunds for canceled flights. Easy: they avoid bleeding out money while they got bailouts. From a business perspective, refunding 100% of your customers is a sure way to the poor house.
Meanwhile, the US government is looking to buy corporate debt. Blindly. While they are printing unlimited money. They are the experts here. I am sure they know what they are doing. What can go wrong, really?
Back to our thing now: productivity.
For the first time, I’m adopting a different strategy on social media. I do not tweet my thoughts instantly. Instead, I write them in Google Keep. I don’t have to word them perfectly; I write down my idea as quickly as possible. When I feel creative, I take a photo or search in my archives for a relevant image and massage the message. Early results are encouraging, as engagement is increased substantially. At the same time, my list of potential tweets has reached almost article’s length! Have you watched Shazam, the movie? Its director implements a similar approach
I also streamlined my video editing workflow moving from laptop to a desktop computer. I am using the free version of Davinci Resolve and was looking for ways to work on an edit with my desktop and laptop seamlessly. Sitting down for too many hours isn’t healthy. I very often move from my chair to the sofa or bed and continue working on my laptop. Resuming work such as writing is pretty easy as I do most of my writing on cloud services such as Grammarly or Google Docs, but video editing is a totally different beast. After a lot of trial and error, I now have a system to make my life easier and more productive. How I manage media files and videos, in particular, is in my list of upcoming videos for a long time now, but it needs more time until completion.
See you online.
Yia hara,

I snapped this
Helping out a friend with a photoshoot. Win-win!
Helping out a friend with a photoshoot. Win-win!
I read this
“Post Pandemic” gives you a perfect excuse to become a ghost to the negative influences in your life. The majority spend countless hours living in a stressed out state of mind which impairs their decision making and reduces the length of their lives. 
From Avoiding and Going After Tail Events by Wall Street Playboys.
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Jim Makos
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Family First, Bicycle Second and a Photoshoot
Family First, Bicycle Second and a Photoshoot
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