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Writing to myself

Writing to myself
By Jim Makos • Issue #1 • View online
Hey me,
You are awesome!
Seriously, I’m writing to me as I’ll be sending this first issue to the one and only subscriber: me!
After all, it’s all about me, me, me, isn’t it?
It surely feels strange to know that I’ll be the only one receiving this letter. But given everyone will be able to read older issues, why not explaining what this newsletter is all about.
The Makos Letters
That’s how I am calling my newsletter. Maybe it’s a different name by the time you receive your first issue. But for now, it works for me. Inspiration came from Warren Buffet’s “Letters to Shareholders” and I went for a personal touch. Not that ground-breaking if you ask me.
So, why a newsletter?
  1. First, I like writing. In fact, I love it. Right now that I’m filling up this blank, white space on my laptop’s screen, I feel amazing.
  2. Second, there are things I want to write occasionally, without thinking of how to make my article more search-engine optimized and well structured. I just want to put my thoughts on the digital paper and reach people that truly care about them.
  3. And that’s how we arrive at the third point: you!
You’ve found me on social media. You’ve read my blog posts. You even watched my Youtube videos. By now, I suppose you can relate to me in some way or learned something new. Well, more relatable things and knowledge will come through these letters, while keeping it way more personal.
I will of course, pester you with my jaw-dropping recent work, bombard you with affiliate links, and eventually make you pay me to access my content and sell your email address to blood-thirsty conglomerates. I will also try and make you laugh from time to time. 
Also, I expect the length of these letters to vary from a few paragraphs to… more than that. I’m sure there will be letters where I will just want to touch base, and letters where I want to share a bunch of thoughts. I’ll try to keep them short, though, since a newsletter is a letter about news, unsurprisingly. Were you sending essays to your pen pals?
So, talking to my future subscribers, thank you for subscribing and I hope you find these letters enjoyable and informative.
Yia hara!

I wrote this
Personal Branding: Surviving a Recession
Living off investments in retirement: Withdrawing money
RØDE Wireless Go: First Impressions
I snapped this
Feeling uncomfortable in a t-shirt as summer approaches fast, and I hate heat. 🏜🌡
Feeling uncomfortable in a t-shirt as summer approaches fast, and I hate heat. 🏜🌡
I read this
Blogging isn’t dead. In fact, the opposite is true. We’re about to enter a golden age of personal blogs.
From The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online by David Perell. Readwise reminded me of this highlight I saved when I read that piece.
I tweeted this
Jim Makos
When I began documenting my journey to financial freedom a few months ago, I could only dream that one day someone might be inspired by these videos.

That day has already come!

This kind of comment is undeniably the biggest reward for spending weeks in producing a video. 👇
I filmed these
How I Built an Emergency Fund for Me and My Company
How I Built an Emergency Fund for Me and My Company
Why We Are Unhappy in Life
Why We Are Unhappy in Life
Why I Went into Debt to Buy a TV
Why I Went into Debt to Buy a TV
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Jim Makos

As a work-from-home creative entrepreneur I risk money to make money, invest & create multiple passive income streams pursuing financial independence & freedom.

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